Q. Do you ever have trouble sleeping because you can’t stop thinking of a design problem on which you are working?
Q.  Have you ever visited a building and been emotionally moved by its awesome presence?
Q. Do you believe that the architecture of the past is a rich heritage upon which to build?
Q. Do you think that architecture has the power to inspire people and bring out a positive response?
A. If your answer to these questions is YES, we invite you to join the team at O’Brien & Keane.


O’Brien & Keane offers a high level of architectural services to a broad spectrum of clients, on a wide range of building types. The firm has enjoyed particular success in the design of buildings dedicated to sacred worship as well as education. We have a special interest in architecture that is rooted in history and classically inspired.


Although we are combined as one body, we are many parts with diverse skills and complimentary qualities. Together, we bring an amazing force to each project. We share a common thread of passion, continuous learning, and the desire to be of service to our sisters and brothers through design. We seek to add talented leaders of like mind, and who possess both an inquisitive thirst for building science and a love of architectural design: the craft of creating an enduring, sound and lovely building.


> Engage actively in projects from inception to completion, and make a difference in the           outcome
> Form relationships and share experiences with clients, contractors, consultants, and          artisans
> Exercise unlimited creativity, bounded only by the real-life practical constraints of the              project and your own initiative
> Choose your own media and form of expression, limited only by the need to effectively          convey the project deliverables
> See the results of your effort in built form and be part of something bigger


> A salary that will make you feel well compensated
> A charming work environment with airy volume, huge windows, and comfortable                      workstations
> A convenient location, with an easy stroll to Metro and the restaurants and night-life of            Clarendon
> Health insurance and retirement savings plans with significant employer contributions





We are currently looking for designers with professional degrees and about four years of experience in a practicing architect’s office. Show us what you’ve got. Send your resume, cover letter, and work samples to